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Hunting for Heroes (H4H) is a 501(c)3 organization that provides recreational therapy and counseling for law enforcement officers severely injured in the line of duty.

Stay up-to-date with Hunting For Heroes events and organization news. See first hand how H4H is changing and saving lives.


The core of Hunting For Heroes has always been hero events. From dove hunts to support groups, we’re dedicated to providing the best outdoor events for our heroes. Find events and fundraising opportunities in your area.

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H4H tells its story by the lives it has impacted. Its never been just about hunting and the outdoors. Its about giving back and supporting those who have sacrificed for us. Hear first hand how H4H is impacting lives.

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“Hunting for Heroes gave me a renewed sense of brotherhood. I felt that I belonged to something again, which gave me motivation and morale to go out and not just help myself, but other injured Law Enforcement Officers.”
– Joe Haman, H4H Hero

“My husband’s injury was 9 years ago and we have felt very alone for the majority of that time. It has just been since we met Chris [President of Hunting for Heroes] that those feelings are slowly going away. People like you and the others behind H4H show us that we are not forgotten or alone.”
– Molly C., Wife

“I have had many memorable experiences since H4H was founded. The most impactful and most common occurs during the tear-filled conversations with the families when they tell me ‘Finally, someone gets it.”
– Chris Allen, CEO H4H